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December 11, 2018
First off, an apology on not posting an update in a month. I'm working on this site's first tutorial series, and hope to be able to reveal this in a couple of weeks. For the meanwhile, I wanted to share this experience of refactoring a kata with a… read more
November 04, 2018
Once again, apologies with the low output. Various things are in the works that I hope to reveal in the new year, but for now take this as a modest advent offering. Front End Testing As proponents of test-driven development (TDD) at Northcoders, it… read more
October 08, 2018
Here's a quick one on how to use React's Context API with Gatsby, and why things have changed in Version 2. Forced migration I recently started working on a new Gatsby site and kicked off with a template I'd used before ( this one, in fact ). Gatsby… read more

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